We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Anaheim CA.
All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics.


Certified Smog Station

We are official State of California Licensed Smog Test & Repair Station & are licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to inspect most vehicles.

Complete Auto Repair

We have invested in all the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software that is specifically tailored for the software in your vehicle.


Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of models. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem.

Smog-Check and Repair


Complete Auto Repair and STAR Smog Check Station serving Anaheim CA.
We provide top notch maintenance service for all types of vehicles.


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Smog-Check-Coupon Anaheim

  • "Great business! Owner and experts definitely helped me out figure out what exactly was wrong with my car and gave me a very suitable price. I was even able to got a smog check! I highly recommend this place."

    Daniel Carpio
  • "This spot was recommended to me by a coworker and I have since then recommended them to my sister n law, dad, & sister. I'm getting some brake pads right now actually. This spot is open until 7 if you need them that late, will give you a ride to where you need to be, and won't "create" repairs that you weren't aware of and don't need."

    James R.


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Anaheim area. All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics. We can handle any car problem.


We takes great pride in providing honest top quality auto repair services at low prices, saving you time and money! We are your one-stop shop for Smog Test & Repair you may need. You save on Auto Repair services for both foreign and domestic automobiles. We will take care of almost any problem. Everything from regular maintenance and smog checks to complete repair. Come by today or call for our special prices. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best before leaving our car shop.


  • Should I consider using synthetic motor oil?

    Synthetic engine oils are produced through a synthesis process that takes very small molecules and assembles them into larger designer molecules with premium lubricating properties.

  • What is the difference between a regular smog station and a STAR smog station?

    STAR smog stations will be able to issue a certificate of compliance to a vehicle passing a smog check when a motorist is referred by the DMV to such a station for vehicle registration renewal. A non “star” station may not issue a certificate to the motorist’s vehicle. They may however, test and issue certificates to vehicles not directed by the DMV to a “STAR” smog check station.

  • How can I help my vehicle pass Smog Check?

    Proper and regular maintenance according to your Owner’s Manual, and not tampering with the emissions control equipment are keys to passing Smog Check and lowering emissions from your vehicle. Also a good 15 minute drive helps to ensure a proper warm-up of all emission related components which helps out in the emissions part of the smog check.

  • How can I learn if I need smog check and what are the pre and post procedures?

    Please check California Bureau of Automotive Repair website for step by step procedures.

  • How can I find my vehicle’s smog check history?

    Please refer to California Bureau of Automotive Repair website where you can enter license plate or vehicle identification number (VIN) to check the history.

  • What should I know about the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)?

    You may qualify for up to $500 in financial assistance to repair your car if it requires a Smog Check at a Test-Only station and failed that test. The Bureau of Automotive Repair Retirement Program is now offering $1000.00 for eligible motorists to voluntarily retire their high-polluting vehicles. If you don’t think it’s worth repairing the Bureau of Automotive Repair may buy your car!

  • How do I qualify for CAP?

    CAP offers two options for consumers whose vehicles fail their biennial Smog Check.

  • What is a Gross Polluter?

    Some vehicles that fail their smog inspections give off such high levels of pollution that a category called “Gross Polluter” was created. BAR identifies these vehicles to encourage their immediate repair. Gross Polluters are some of the worst polluting vehicles on California roadways.


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